Welcome at the website of Fabuloka, the collaboration of Edwin Schulte and Jorga Lok.
These circus artists bring depth and lightness simultaneously. By mixing circustheatre and self-made music, a poetic artform arises. Ed and Jorga are not scared of experimenting and everything is possible. This attitude together with their creativity, delivers the fresh style of Fabuloka.

Post cards

Fabuloka sells post cards on which they show what they did during the corona lockdown. Buy all 12 for 20 euro! Click here for all photos. Jorga and Ed made photos at home to show how acrobats experienced the lockdown. From all 50 photos, the best 12 are chosen and printed in nice square post cards. We send them to you for shipping costs. Send us an email at info@fabuloka.com to order your set.

De Volkskrant
Ed en Jorga were models for De Volkskrant (one of Hollands biggest newspapers), click here for photos, shot by Thomas Nondh Jansen in collaboration with Io Cooman.