Edwin Schulte was born in 1984 and grew up in Arnhem. Around the age of 6, he learned to juggle at the fysio thearpist. He discovered circus Poehaa in Arnhem, and saw people juggle with clubs, he wanted to do that too, and he did.

Edwin developed from student, till teacher, till independent artist. Since 2002, he plays on several festivals with his solo show “Alles uit de kist” (“Everything out of the box”). Edwin is one of the two people behind the duo Double Trouble, with two circus theatre variété shows. “Speelt” (“Plays”) and “Zinloos Matroos” (“Pointless Sailor”).

Ed also plays music, mostly clarinet and saxophone. Later, he also started to play guitar. He got also interested in percussion and voice. As multi instumentalist, Edwin brings his music on stage. He would like to combine this with circus. Ed is always busy in his atelier at the Nijverheid to build nice and crazy things out of used metal.

Watch here what Ed makes!

Edwin likes new chalenges, so he was very happy with Jorga’s question to make a show together.

Ed also plays in a new found company that combines music, juggling and acrobatics in a surprising crazy streetshow.
Check the website Tres Loco’s

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