We play three different shows:


A white lady walks in with a suitcase. From the suitcase, a black hand arises. It grows bigger until it becomes a human figure. The lady is given a shadow. In an acrobatic duet the lady looses her white garments under which she is black too…

Two people live in and around a five meter big metal construction. Both have dreams that seem to drive the couple apart. Then, due to an unexpected literal turn, they come closer together again.

De Zwerver (The Tramp)
A tramp is walking with his shopping car full of rubbish. Amongst his stuff he discovers a little doll that acts exactly how he wants to. This all changes when the doll comes alive and seems to have her own will.

A show with 3 acrobats and an forklift. From 2024.

We also like to think together about a custom act, workshop, teambuilding etc. Send us an email with your wishes, and we think of a proposal.