Jorga Lok is born in 1989 and grew up in a town called Zoetermeer. She always liked to go to the circus, and loved try some things at home with her father who had done a basic acrobatics workshop. Since she was seven years old, Jorga wanted to become a professional circus artist. For a long time, Jorga did gymnastics, because it was the closest to circus. At the age of 14, Jorga joined the youth circus Circus Rotjeknor. There she learned a lot, and she prepared for the auditions that were coming to start a professional oriented education.

At the age of 18, after a successful passed audition, Jorga moved to Stockholm in Sweden for the coming three years. Besides her specializations handstand and partner acrobatics, she followed classes in acrobatics, trampoline, dance, music, voice, theatre and composition. In 2010, she graduated and got the Bachelor of Circus. Jorga decided to move back to Holland, for one more year of training at the circus school of Codarts University of Art in Rotterdam.

After this year, Jorga stayed in The Netherlands, and worked with TENT Circustheaterproducties. Also other collaborations have been developed, for example Fabuloka after a few months.

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