A white lady walks with a suitcase. Suddenly a black hand arises from the suitcase, which becomes a human figure; the lady got a shadow. In an acrobatic duet, the lady looses her white garments, under which she is black too. The two characters melt together and become an energetic creature with eight limbs. Will the woman get out of the shadow world?

Contra is situated on a grey circular floor. The performance is alienated, visual and physical (mostly acrobatics). All the music is made by the artists themselves.

Concept and on stage: Jorga Lok en Edwin Schulte
Coaching / directions: Natasha Schulte
With help of: Janivo Stichting, k f Hein Fonds and Gemeente Utrecht
Duration: 25 minutes, suitable for all ages


Here you can check out the trailer of Contra:

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