Impulse is the new show of Fabuloka which is going to be created in winter 2023-2024 and it will premiere in spring 2024. The ingredients are three acrobats and a forklift. The show will be performed on a circle of 10m diameter on asphalt or concrete with audience in a full circle. The duration of Impulse is 40 minutes and it can be played twice a day.

Impulse is about the meeting of three performers (acrobats) and a forklift. Two worlds that differ very much (strength, flexibility) but also have similarities (fysical movement, precision). In different scenes, the aspects of the meeting will be enlarged and researched. Questions will be asked like: Can the forklift be fysically soft, can a duet feel like a love dance? How much in control do you alow the forklift to be? Through these questions, the identity of the forlift comes more into light. As a finale, a symbiosis forms of the performers and the forklift in which gravity does not seem to exist.

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